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The King of Indian Snacks

The quintessential Indian snack came with Mughals and never left India since then

This is an irresistible finger food in Indian and finds its place in menu whether you're hosting an informal gathering or having an outing with family and friends.

The modern samosa is a delightful snack reborn with a mixture of mashed potato, green peas, onion, green chilli and assorted spices... and to be enjoyed with chutney . In eastern India, the cooking technique of samosa (or singara) is different in the use of hing in the dough and in the way potatoes are prepared. In Bengal, the potato is not mashed but chopped into small cubes before it goes inside the dough parcel.

In northern India, potato is mashed and cooked with spices before it goes inside the dough.

In the South, samosas are made with local spices and the filling has onion, carrots, cabbage and curry leaves. They are usually eaten without chutney.

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